Personal Training in Bristol

Home, office and outdoor training



Personal Training

  • Weight loss and Fat burn
  • Tone-up and define muscles
  • Strength and core conditioning
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Mobility/flexibility improvement
  • Focus on improving speed and agility

Each of our trainers use challenging, safe and effective exercises during their workouts with clients.

We guarantee that each programme will be created with the individual client in mind, making sure goals are reached as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Personal training is available for 1-2-1 and buddying (2 persons), as well as larger groups (3+)


Injury rehabilitation

We offer an injury rehabilitation service for anyone who is recovering from an accident or sports-based activity.


Ante & post-natal exercise

We can help you safely keep on top of your fitness during pregnancy and/or help get rid of that stubborn baby fat after you have given birth.


Nutritional counseling

We are all qualified in being able to help you if you have any concerns about your diet that you wish to improve.


Sport/event-specific training

We cater for anyone who is involved in a sport – from casual to professional level, as well as anyone who is keen on training for a specific event such as a triathlon or an obstacle race such as Tough Mudder.